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It has been over three days since Mr Shrey Bhargava made a post on Facebook describing his experiences during his audition for the Jack Neo film “Ah Boys to Men” (ABTM).His post sparked many angry responses andpersonal attacks, including one by Xiaxue.


Based on these responses, it appears thatpeople are getting distracted from what is really at stake.

1. This issue is not about Shrey or about ABTM

Many people have personally attacked Shrey,and some have cast doubts on his credibility and sincerity after a video of him putting on an Indian accent emerged online.

These sort of personal attacks miss the point – they convert what could have been a constructive dialogue about race issues into a mudslinging contest that goes nowhere. I find it ironic that many who accuse him of jumping to conclusions with regard to the racism behind his audition experience also themselves jump to…

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